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  • Ho, Ho, Grow
    Ho, Ho, Grow
  • Ho, Ho, Grow
    Ho, Ho, Grow

Ho, Ho, Grow

A plantable greeting Card
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With this chic illustrated card and a few personal words you can make someone a huge joy. Because it has a little surprise up its sleeve: summer flowers grow out of it.

Mixed flower seeds
Postcard made of seed-paper
Certified organic seeds
Plant the seed-paper, and watch your flowers grow
Perfect greeting card for the holidays


What's that sound? Is it the bellowing of Father Christmas on your rooftop? Is it the bells of his reindeer sleigh? Is it the sound of holiday carollers outside your window? Not just yet -- it's the sound of your flower seeds saying "Plant me! Plant me!" This holiday postcard will let your friend or loved one do just that. They just have to plant the seed-paper in soil, and before long, they will be watching their Christmas flowers ho, ho, grow!

How it works

  • Tear the card up into tiny pieces, ideally so that each piece has one seed in it.

  • Soak the snippets in some water for a few hours.

  • Place the pieces of paper on the soil, press them down firmly and cover them lightly with soil or sand. Covering your planter with foil or glass is the best way to retain moisture.

  • After 2-3 weeks the first seeds will germinate! Now you can transplant them into larger pots or into the bed.



Find the most frequently asked questions below.

Yes, it really works! If you follow all the growing tips, beautiful plants will grow out of the seed paper.

Simply tear up the cards, soak the snippets in some water and put them in soil. See further the instructions above!

Yes! If you store the seeds in a cool, dry place, you can still sow them next year. Naturally, a seed’s ability to germinate decreases over time, so you shouldn't wait too long before sowing. But you can keep them for a year or two. 

We sell our products at numerous Christmas markets in Germany every year. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we made the difficult decision to cancel our Christmas market stalls in 2020. We are back in action come Christmas 2022 so if you find yourself in Germany this Winter, grab yourself a Glühwein or hot chocolate, and come and say hello!