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  • Back Back Back To The Roots - Calendar Set 2023
    Back Back Back To The Roots - Calendar Set 2023
  • Back Back Back To The Roots - Calendar Set 2023
    Back Back Back To The Roots - Calendar Set 2023
  • Back Back Back To The Roots - Calendar Set 2023
    Back Back Back To The Roots - Calendar Set 2023
  • Back Back Back To The Roots - Calendar Set 2023
    Back Back Back To The Roots - Calendar Set 2023
  • Back Back Back To The Roots - Calendar Set 2023
    Back Back Back To The Roots - Calendar Set 2023

Back Back Back To The Roots - Calendar Set 2023

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This is the perfect calendar for anyone who likes the rare and the unusual. Every month there is a heirloom, less known vegetable that you will get to know. Let's discover the world of forgotten vegetables varieties together!

Growable Calendar Set:
3x Back to the roots 2023, organic-certified

That's inside

| Chili "Prairie Fire" | Turnip "Golden Ball" | Love-Lies Bleeding | Carrot "Gniff" | Lettuce "Grazer Krauthäuptel 2" | Kale "Halbhoher Grüner Krauser" | Dill | Radish "Sora" | Red Orache | Common chicory | Fennel "Selma" | Linseed "Blaues Wunder"


| 12 plantable strips made of seed-paper | organic-certified and open-pollinated seeds | plastic-free | regional printing with eco ink


So you loved getting to know the rare and almost-forgotten varieties in our Back To the Roots calendar? What can we say…we're guilty of that too. And it turns out, this bundle is the perfect way to cope with that desire to tell all your friends about the spicy chilli or crunchy kale you've grown in your garden – and maybe even get them to join in the veggie fun! Our Back Back Back To the Roots bundle gives you THREE calendars, so you can be extra-sure that these varieties are never forgotten.

How it works

  • Remove the seed-paper from the calendar and tear it up into tiny pieces, ideally so that each piece has one seed in it.

  • Read the information under the seed-paper – when should you sow, what temperature the seeds require, stuff that. Plant the pieces of seed-paper with the seed-side facing upwards in soil.

  • Keep the pot moist – you can do this by covering it with glass or foil – and water the seedlings as needed. After the specified germination time, you will start to see your plant-babies peeking through the surface of the soil!

  • In addition to the tips in the pages of The Growable Calendar, we provide further tips and tricks for our calendar plants in our online magazine "Plant Post". Check it out!



Find the most frequently asked questions below.

In the timeless version of the calendar, no days of the week are printed on the sheet. We have already printed the date on the seed paper - you can just enter the days of the week yourself. So if you missed your first planting date at the end of January, you can still start sowing at any time and simply take the calendar with you into the next year.

We get the seeds from the Bodensee area (Lake Constance), as well as from Frankfurt and North Rhine-Westphalia region. The seeds are then incorporated into the paper near the German border. The illustration and information pages are printed with eco-inks in an ecological printer in Nuremberg. The illustrated calendar pages are made from 100% recycled paper. For the seed paper we use sheets obtained from old agricultural waste. Finally, the seed paper and the info pages are bound in the Munich area. And voilà! The Growable Calendar is born.
On principle, we strive to adhere to regional and sustainable means of production for all our items. We only use recycled paper and, whenever possible, eco-friendly inks for printing. This is central to our mission and values at primoza!

After you have removed and planted the sheets of seed paper, you have an information booklet with beautiful illustrations that will help you get to know your plants. You may find it useful to refer to this information again at a later point in time, especially if this is your first foray into gardening! For example, if you have pulled seeds from the plants again and would like to sow them in the following year, you can refer to the planting instructions again for guidance.

Yes, it really works! If you follow all the growing tips, beautiful plants will grow out of the seed paper.

We have found that it is best to tear the paper into really small pieces — roughly 1-2 cm wide — so that the seedlings are not too far from the light. It is also important that the labelled side of the seed strip is facing downwards. The unlabelled side is a little thinner, so it should point upwards, which makes it easier for the seedlings to get through the paper.

The Jack of All Trades calendar is the perfect introduction to gardening for beginners. This calendar contains easy-care seed varieties, which come with fun and interesting descriptions that will help you get to know your plants as you become more comfortable gardening. Even if you only have a balcony or a little space on your windowsill, you can use this calendar to grow flowers, herbs or vegetables.
The Back to the Roots calendar is really something special, as it contains seeds of old varieties that have almost been forgotten. If you are a more experienced gardener who wants to get acquainted with yellow carrots, vegetable mallow or other long-lost varieties, this is the perfect calendar for you.

We sell our products at numerous Christmas markets in Germany every year. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we made the difficult decision to cancel our Christmas market stalls in 2020. We are back in action come Christmas 2022 so if you find yourself in Germany this Winter, grab yourself a Glühwein or hot chocolate, and come and say hello!