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No Rain, No Flowers

Quick facts

  • Summer flower seeds
  • Postcard made of seed-paper
  • Certified organic seeds
  • Plant the seed-paper, and watch your flowers grow
  • Perfect greeting card for any time of year

Quick Facts

  • 12 plantable strips made of seed-paper
  • organic-certified and open-pollinated seeds


Is your best friend feeling lovesick? Or maybe your buddy is going through a rough time? Do you want to show that you are thinking of a loved one who is not doing so well?  Our seed paper postcards cannot dry tears, but they will make the world a little greener and happier. Before you know it, you’ll have a pot of lovely chamomile flowers. And flowers always make the world look a little better.


Delivery time 2-3 days

Product number: PK-2021-435