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Jack of All Trades

for urban gardeners and beginners

Quick facts

  • 12 plantable strips made of seed-paper
  • organic-certified and open-pollinated seeds
  • plastic-free
  • regional printing with eco ink
It’s A Plant Party
Just can't stop telling your friends about our calendars? Dude, we get that. If that’s you, this bundle is the perfect option. It’s a Plant Party gives you THREE calendars, so you can truly share the green, gardeny love with your three favourite people. Best start taking reservations now. ;)

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One for Me, One for You
They say it’s better to give than to receive, but why not do both? With our One for Me, One for You bundle, you can do just that. You’ll receive one Jack of All Trades calendar for yourself, and a second one to give to a friend or loved one. Or maybe you just want two for yourself. We promise we’re not judging. Either way, this bundle gets you double the seeds, double the rarity, and most excitingly, double the plants.

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Two Plants Are Better Than One
Want even more green in your life? Why not add our Back to the Roots calendar alongside the Jack of All Trades? Back to the Roots features rare varieties of seeds, which are guaranteed to give your home garden a bit of added flare, and provide an exciting challenge and adventure for ambitious gardeners. You can get them both together in this bundle!

€52.90* €59.80* (11.54% saved)

Quick Facts

  • 12 plantable strips made of seed-paper
  • organic-certified and open-pollinated seeds


Making the world a little greener has never been easier! Our plantable calendar, Jack of All Trades, is the perfect introduction to gardening for beginners. You will find fun and interesting facts that will make it easy to care for your plants, flowers, herbs and vegetables. Each calendar page contains solid organic seeds inside. All you need is a window or balcony, a pot with some soil and a little bit of patience. Then at the end you will be rewarded with your own home-garden full of fruits, vegetables and flowers! 

Compared to the other plant calendars, you enter the days of the week in the calendar yourself with the timeless "Jack of All Trades” calendar. This means that this calendar is independent of the year, so you can start planting at any time.

Item size (L x W x H): 21 x 16 x 1,8 cm

What's inside?

Curled Cress Wild Strawberry Lemon Balm Onion – Rouge de Genéve Thyme – German Winter Phacelia Chive Red Clover Spinach – Butterfly Leaf Mustard – Rouge Metis Rocket – Rucola Coltivata Carrot – Ox Heart


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