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I Love You From My Head To-Ma-Toes

Quick facts

  • Basil seeds
  • Postcard made of seed-paper
  • Certified organic seeds
  • Plant the seed-paper, and watch your basil grow
  • Perfect greeting card for the holidays

Quick Facts

  • 12 plantable strips made of seed-paper
  • organic-certified and open-pollinated seeds


How do you tell someone that you love them more than you’ve ever loved anyone before? Some people choose roses. Others: chocolate-covered strawberries. We prefer a different sort of romantic red – tomatoes! And what goes better with tomatoes than basil?? This special I-love-you postcard is made of basil seed paper. With a little patience and care, your seeds will show that you and your loved one go together as perfectly as tomato and basil.


Delivery time 2-3 days

Product number: PK-2021-429